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Achilles Tendonitis...What is it? And How Can I Get Rid of My Pain!

Achilles tendon pain is very common in our couch to 5k athletes. Most often, this condition begins when we begin a new workout/running routine or increase our workout type or distance. To begin addressing your pain, you should consider stopping any aggravating activity...most likely the activity you just started not too long ago. Now, we're not saying stop this activity forever, but just for the time being. Give your body a good rest from this aggravating activity and focus on strengthening your ankle.

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy has extensive experience working with achilles tendonitis: progressing strengthening and flexibility programs to get her clients back into the activities they want to do. If it is a new running routine you are wanting to try out, our physical therapist can help set you up for success and give you the tips and tools you need to prevent an injury like this from happening again.

In a matter of a few short weeks, you can be back on the road working your way to a 5k. Schedule an appointment today in your own home 847-920-7110.

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