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Personal Training at Home

We bring the gym to you.

One of the biggest reasons why we don't meet our health goals is inconvenience.  By having personal training at home, you eliminate the drive time to get to a gym and the stress of coming up with challenging and varying workout routines.


10 Session Bundle

This is the perfect option if you travel for work or know you wouldn't be able to work out consistently every month.

By purchasing the 10 session bundle you are free to use those sessions at any point throughout the year. 


They expire a year from purchase date. 


2x/week     Monthly Rate

This monthly rate is based on two sessions a week.  

*Ask us how to lower your monthly rate to $280/month


3x/week     Monthly Rate

This monthly rate is based on three sessions a week. 

*Ask us how to lower your monthly rate to $420/month

Working Out

Post Rehab In Home Personal Training 

If you are finishing up with physical therapy and need to continue to gain strength, or just want to keep working on your home exercises with a boost, try personal training. This would be the best option to keep you motivated to achieve your goals, and to get you back to the things you enjoy most in life. 

Our Personal Trainer works closely with our Doctor of Physical Therapy to modify any exercise plans or routines to accommodate any past or current injuries. 

Llifting Weights

Weight Loss and Tone Personal Training

Using body weight exercises, HIIT training, Tabata style and Circuit style workouts our personal trainer will get your heart rate going with cardio blasts and plenty of reps.

Our Personal Trainer will help you create short term and long term weight goals that are achievable.  Once you reach your ideal weight, the work is not over; she will help you create a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to exercise regularly, understand your body's intake requirements, and the importance of staying hydrated.

Womens Softball

Sports Performance Personal Training

Our Personal Trainer has been around sports her entire life.  Over the years, she has participated in soccer, volleyball, swimming, and was even a collegiate softball player throughout her college career. She knows what it takes physically and mentally to take the sport to the next level. 


"Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't".-Rikki Rogers



 "Jessica selects activities that will keep me challenged and on track toward reaching my fitness goals, as well as working with my limitations from my previous surgeries. Jessica has a vast knowledge of various exercises, tools and techniques that makes my workouts both fun and effective. Jessica goes above and beyond on my diet goals as well! I think this is the best deal in Kane County area for a personal trainer!"

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