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Physical Therapy after a Bunionectomy

At Home Physical Therapy for post Bunionectomy

You wouldn't think physical therapy following a bunion removal surgery is necessary, but it is crucial to returning to full function.

During the first several weeks following surgery, you will be in a walking boot to protect the area. As your incision heals, your physical therapist will begin gentle work on your scar to ensure it heals without restricting motion. During the time you are in a walking boot, your physical therapist will begin to teach you gentle stretches for your toe, strengthening exercises for your muscles surrounding your ankles and progress your hip, knee and core strength.

Once you are out of the walking boot your physical therapist will guide you on some standing exercises that promote a good walking pattern with use of your big toe. Without a physical therapist, you may develop a walking pattern that will promote injury to other areas of the body. If you are scheduled to have a bunionectomy or are thinking about having this procedure done in the near future, give us a call 847-920-7110 and talk to Jennifer, our Doctor of Physical Therapy, about any questions or concerns you have regarding a full recovery.

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