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Iliotibial or IT Band Syndrome

IT band Pain on Outside of Knee

IT band syndrome is an overuse injury of the lower leg. Pain is typically felt on the outside of the knee during continuous bending and straightening of the knee such as when running or cycling. With the help of a physical therapist and temporarily avoiding the aggravating activity, you will be back to pain-free in no time. The goal with physical therapy is to identify if you have any muscular weaknesses in your hips, knees or core. Any weakness or flexibility issues in these areas put you at more risk for developing conditions like IT band syndrome. Once you are finished with physical therapy, you will have the tools and knowledge on how to keep your body at it's optimal level to prevent injuries such as IT band syndrome from happening in the future. If you have any questions, or are not sure what is causing your knee pain, give us a call and talk with our Doctor of Physical Therapy. You can even set up a Free consultation in your home. 847-920-7110

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