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Gardening with Back Pain

How to Prevent Back Pain While Gardening

Spring is right around the corner, which means planting, weeding, pruning and other garden tasks. If you have back pain, you may wonder how can I garden without aggravating my back?

To begin, when planting seeds inside before transplanting outside, pick a location that you are able to stand with good posture or sit in a supportive chair. If you have a heavy bag of dirt, use a bowl or container to lift smaller amounts of dirt at a time to your work surface, or have someone you know assist you with lifting the heavier bag. If you lift the bag of dirt yourself, remember good body mechanics: lift with your legs, hold the bag close to your body and ask for help if you are unable to maintain good mechanics while transporting the bag.

Once outside avoid positions of deep flexion in your spine like standing and reaching down to prune something. Good positions that protect your spine would be a half kneeling position or sitting on a small stool.

If you are able, take breaks and stretch backwards a few times to reduce the stress to your lower back. Check out some of our YouTube videos on various back stretches.

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