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Huntley Summer Farmers Markets

Join us this summer at the Huntley Farmers Market. We are beyond excited to be apart of this community and all the events it has to offer. Stay Tuned for specific dates where we will be in attendance.

Upcoming Events at the Farmers Market:

Shopping at a Farmers Market allows people to buy the freshest products, know exactly where their products are coming from and who grew/made them. That is why farmers markets are considered an essential business!

We will have the market set up to provide the best social distancing possible (patience may be required) to allow our guests to support these businesses and purchase local & homemade items. If you would like to pre-order items for easy in and out please contact the vendor directly. All vendors will wear face masks so please wear your face masks (required) and come support these small family farmers and businesses.

Huntley's weekly summer market begins May 29! If you would like more information about becoming a vendor, crafter, home based business, or Huntley non-profit at events, please contact Barb Read at:

Be sure to list what you grow or make, sell, etc. Don't forget, we are a homegrown and homemade market.

Upcoming Indoor/Outdoor Market Dates: April 10 May 8

Big Little Brittle

Delicious Homemade Nut Brittles

Cookie Queen of Huntley

Homemade Cookies

Desserts by Corinna (Pies, cookies, pastries, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, & more - traditional, gluten free, vegan)

Check out Desserts by Corinna's Facebook Page for the long list of available treats!

Fox Valley Garlic Garlic Scapes, Garlic Pesto, and over 20 Varieties of locally grown hardneck and softneck Garlic! HomemadeMama / Crystal Lake Mushrooms (Granola, herb mix,Fresh Mushrooms, plants/seedlings, veggies & more) HomemadeMama has fresh and dried mushrooms available along with most of her homemade goodies. Message for availability and to schedule a pickup or local delivery.

The Irie Cup - NEW

A family owned premium whole leaf teahouse. Steeped in the Caribbean traditions, they have curated a collection of premium loose leaf teas and tea accessories to create your own tea oasis.

Linda's Fruit Jams & MoreJams, salsa, beets, pickles, pies

Jams available: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, BlackBerry, Apple pie, Peach and Cherry.

If you would like to pre-order, call us at 815-568-0937

Mentoring Gardens

Mentoring Gardens Granola in Natural/Regular and in Gluten Free!

If you would like to pre-order Sharpening by Dave Knife/Scissor/Tool sharpening) Questions? Contact Dave at:

South Street Coffee (Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans): We offer a variety of roast levels and flavor profiles that cater to all tastes as well as decaffeinated that tastes like coffee, not chemicals. Check out the website to learn more about our offerings of Columbia, Guatemala, Dos Valcanes, Barb City Breakfast Blend and more! Pre-order from or by phone at 815-621-1941.

The Sewing Ladies

With the continued need to wear facemasks, the Sewing Ladies will be joining us with a variety of masks for kids and adults.

Traci's Soups - NEW

Traci's Soups is an International flavored Vegan and Gluten Free Soup! They carry 5 flavors: Thai Soup, African Soup, American Soup, Italian Soup, and Mexican Soup. The soups come in two sizes: 32 oz. and 16 oz. Check them out at:

Trogg's Hollow Farm

Fresh, chemical-free, seasonal produce (now specifically we are offering fresh organic potatoes), eggs, dry beans, chicken, pastured pork, as well as CSA shares! If you would like to pre-order: or go to

Wayne's Local Honey

Local Honey, Vermont Maple Syrup

If you would like to pre-order: 815-482-8621

Questions? Contact Barb at or 847-515-5262.

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