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Shoulder pain

Physical Therapy at Home for Shoulder Pain

Whether your pain is from an injury, following surgery, or from overuse, physical therapy is an integral part of your recovery.  Below are the 3 most common reasons we see clients for physical therapy for their shoulder at ActiveFit.

Regardless of your diagnosis, most shoulder conditions are caused by an imbalance between muscles of the shoulder and shoulder blade.  At ActiveFit, our Doctor of Physical Therapy is able to isolate each of the muscles that attach to the shoulder and shoulder blade, and identify any muscle weaknesses or flexibility issues you may have.  From there, specific exercises or stretches are provided to address each muscle imbalance restoring full movement of the shoulder complex.

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is where the capsule around the shoulder joint becomes excessively tight due to scar tissue limiting motion and causing pain with movement. Physical therapy for a frozen shoulder doesn't necessarily have to be excessively painful. At ActiveFit, the McKenzie Therapy model for addressing a frozen shoulder is relatively less painful compared to traditional physical therapy.  McKenzie Therapy is also more effective than the traditional physical therapy methods due to patient involvement.


Rotator Cuff Tears & Post-Surgical Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy

As stated previously, muscle imbalances are the number one cause for shoulder injuries.  When working with rotator cuff tears and post-surgical rotator cuff tear recovery, addressing muscle imbalances is the number one priority of physical therapy. With exercises isolating each of the rotator cuff and shoulder musculature, our Doctor of Physical Therapy is able to get you back to your sport or daily activities pain free.

Tendonitis & Impingement

Muscle weaknesses and flexibility issues are the main reasons why you may develop tendonitis or impingement.  Again, addressing these weaknesses or flexibility limitations is the number one priority to getting you out of pain and getting you back to unlimited full motion.

Give us a call 847-920-7110 and set up a FREE consultation with our Doctor of Physical Therapy who is credentialed in McKenzie Therapy and has extensive experience working with shoulder conditions.

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