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Rather than taking extra time out of your day to drive to a clinic, wait in a waiting room for your appointment, and be treated by a physical therapist for maybe 10 minutes before being passed on to a physical therapy tech, our Mobile Physical Therapist in Huntley, IL  provides exceptional, evidence-based treatment within the comfort of your home.

Mobile Physical Therapy allows our Doctor of Physical Therapy to come to your home, see how you function in your home, set up your home exercise program to be most functional for you and provide guidance and education on any concerns you have that may be limiting your progress.

We specialize in mobile physical therapy services.

We bring the physical therapy clinic to you.

  Physical Therapy in Huntley

Dr. Jennifer Pate, PT, DPT

In Home Physical Therapist in Huntley

$0-200 Per Visit


We contract with several large insurance companies. Your cost will depend on your plan, deductible, co-pay or co-insurance.

We provide complimentary insurance verification before your first visit, so you know ahead of time what you may owe.

Mobile Physical therapy or Physical Therapy at Home is covered by insurance.



If you have a secondary insurance you will have no out of pocket costs for our service.

Medicare with a secondary insurance covers the cost of mobile physical therapy.

$120 Per Visit


If you do not have insurance or we are out-of-network, our CASH rate is for each visit.

We are a mobile physical therapy group in Huntley. We bring the clinic to you.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Mobile Physical Therapist:

Treatment Techniques

Physical Therapist
In Home Physical Therapy:
Conditions We Treat
Senior Physiotherapy

Mobile Physical Therapy in Huntley, IL

We pride ourselves on being your Local Huntley Physical Therapy Group that comes to your house!

We’re Here When You Need Us
M-F: 8am-8pm

Now Accepting New Clients in Huntley and surrounding areas



Brian P

"I cannot say enough about Jennifer. When I began physical therapy, I had intense back pain from a car accident. After 6 sessions, I had nearly no pain and I understood how simple exercises can improve my pain fast."

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