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Getting Ready To Run a 5K?

Preparing to run a 5K might seem scary. especially if you haven't done distance running before. A 5k is actually a great place to start to help get back in shape or a great place to start for distance running. You can get ready for your first 5K in just 2 months.

If you are just getting into exercise we recommend consulting a physician before starting anything. Track your runs in a journal and grab a friend to hold you accountable. Make sure you are stretching before and after the run to assure a proper warm up and a cool down for your muscles. Attached is a 7 week running schedule to use as a suggestion. Modify to however works for you and your body and your schedule. If you are feeling any aches or pains that last more than a day or two give us a call so we can provide specific stretches for the targeted area so you aren't sidelined and taken away from your running schedule for too long. Remember you are stronger than you think and you can kick this 5k in the butt!

Click below to download the Mayo Clinic recommendation for the 7 week running schedule to get you 5k ready.

Download PDF • 164KB

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